274 – Top Seven Reasons Why People Spend More Than They Earn

Podcast Episode

Running After MoneyDavid. T. S. Wood explores why so many people struggle financially and end up broke.

What you will Learn on Todays Show:

  • Why People Can’t Say No
  • Why Spending Makes You Feel better
  • How Spending can make You Feel Powerful
  • What Role Upbringing has in Spending Cash
  • Why People’s Spending Habits Keep Increasing
  • Why People Want it NOW
  • Why Credit Cards Are Easier to Use than Cold Hard cash
  • The Four Money Personalities


Fun Facts on the Show: All About Ketchup



Songs on The Show:
The Irish Rovers – The Unicorn
The Irish Rovers – Drunken Sailor
The Irish Rovers – Wasn’t That a Party
The Irish Rovers – The Black Velvet Band


Todays Quote:

Stop Taking Advice From Broke Unhappy People

          – David T.S Wood


Top Ten Reasons People Spend More Than They Earn



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Author: Casey

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