270 – Eric Frady – Financial Freedom Through Proven Methods of Successful Investing by Becoming a MasterMind Trader.

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Eric Frady - MasterMind TraderOn Today’s show David is incredibly excited to be interviewing Eric Frady.  Eric and David have shared paths, they both worked for Peak Potentials and both have passion for helping others find success.  Eric is a Master Trainer for MasterMind Traders.

Before MasterMind Traders he worked very hard, was very successful but felt frustrated that he didn’t spend quality time with his family.  His quest was to find freedom and he did!

He was introduced to the Stock Market and immersed himself in learning as much as he could and became a speaker for “Better Trades”, a national options training company.

On today’s show Eric will share the following: 

  • How passionate he is about Education
  • Creating Financial Freedom
  • Why having Application with Education is so IMPORTANT
  • The importance of Practice and Confidence 
  • How you can become a Master Trader, and a Mentor
  • The Importance of following proven methods day in and day out
  • Learn to take money you are already spending and INVEST it
  • About MasterMinder Trader and how this program works and how much time it will take
  • The importance of Doing what you SAY you are going to do!

What a great show, Eric is helping others using real life strategies and takes MasterMind Trader students by the hand, guiding them to financial freedom via the stock market as well as having the lifestyle of their dreams!

To sign up for his next class, starting on Wednesday, February 4th please email Eric at [email protected]

Todays Songs 

My Sharona – Knack
American Pie – Don Mclean


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