258 – How to Make 2014 a Massive Success

Podcast Episode

David and Jen - New Year'sIn todays show David explores the Wonderful Life of George Bailey ‘The Richest Man in Town’ from the Movie ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, plus he looks at the science behind setting goals and how to make them and keep them.

He also shares a strategy for setting new years resolutions and how to create the habits to make them effective

Plus David shares an area of his life that is not doing well and what he resolves to do about it

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What you will Learn on Todays Show

  •  The Role Happiness Plays in Goal Setting
  • Why thoughts are critical to successful goal setting
  • Why overtaxing willpower is ineffective
  • Why pruning dead wood is important
  • What a positive prime is and how to use them
  • How self esteem comes from doing things that we don’t enjoy
  • Why doing the hard things first works
  • An important note for women only
  • What a “if-then’ scenario is and how to use it
  • Why goal setting is essential for happiness


Todays Links:

Psychology Today ‘Now Years Resolution Advice You won’t Read Anywhere Else 



It’s a wonderful Life ‘The Movie’



The 5 Proven Steps of Happiness



Happy New Year Barbra Streisand 



Todays Quotes:

Stop taking advice from broke unhappy people

– David T.S. Wood


You become the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with


Tell the truth all the time with compassion

– David T.S. Wood


Todays Songs:

Hey Hey – Eric Clapton 

Tears in Heaven – Eric Clapton

Before You Accuse Me – Eric Clapton

No Body Knows You When Your Down & Out – Eric Clapton

Lonely Stranger – Eric Clapton

Running on Faith – Eric Clapton

Walkin Blues – Eric Clapton

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