252 – Assk Dave (& Jen) – Why You Are The Best Investment & How To Create A Kick Ass Life

Podcast Episode

Belize Kick Ass PartyOn todays show David takes you along to one of the most incredible parties he has thrown for a LONG, LONG time and introduce you to some Kickass Life Practitioners who get to Assk Dave a question.

Todays Show Dedicated to – His students who traveled on planes, cars, busses, taxi’s boats and their feet to come to Belize so that they could invest in themselves, many of whom are Kickass Life Practitioners.

What you will learn on Todays Show:

  • How to create a kickass life
  • Why ‘YOU’ are the best investment that you can ever make
  • What happens when you step outside your comfort zone
  • What Dave would do if he were 13 in order to create a Kickass Life
  • One mans journey from unhappy to fulfilled and happy
  • The Thatch Caye experience from the mouths of the guests
  • A peek inside the Belizean culture

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Todays Quotes:

It is impossible to discover new oceans, unless you first have the courage, to leave sight of the shore


The Person who flips a coin at every crossroad

Will often arrive first at their destination


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