251 – Solo – Finding and Pursuing Your Path to Your Happiness – with special guests Peta, Sanj, Chris and Jen

Podcast Episode

Thatch Caye StudentsToday, David checks in from Thatch Caye, Belize with Peta from Australia, Sanj from Toronto, Chris from Phoenix and and Jen to discuss the amazing activities and adventures they are doing this week on the island and their personal transformations.  This is a truly fantastic podcast with so many nuggets of real wisdom from people across the world who have made important changes in their lives.

Things they discuss are:

  • How to make the commitment to listen to our heart and
  • Expecting more of ourselves to change ourselves
  • Letting go of people in your life who aren’t celebrating you
  • Discovering, listening to, and pursuing your ‘why’
  • The joy of retiring your mom and paying off her mortgage
  • Changing from ‘traditional’ business path to personal development and financial freedom
  • Dealing with being ‘angry’ and run down from a traditional ‘JOB’
  • Regaining you youth and innocence
  • Getting out of the common rat race
  • Breaking through the ‘fear’ that stops people from making the necessary change
  • The difference between ‘being interested’ and ‘being committed’
  • The power of believing in yourself
  • Changing from dabbling to committing so you can drive your own success
  • Destroying the limiting belief of “you’re never good enough”
  • The importance of daily gratitude
  • The value of showing up as you and authenticity (who you really are and what feels good to you) and living a life of service
  • Investing in YOURSELF
  • Becoming the person that I was looking for


Books Mentioned today:

The Go Giver: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea – by Bob Burg and John David Man

Magic of Thinking Big: Acquire the Secrets of Success … Achieve Everything Everything You’ve Always Wanted – by David J. Schwartz

The Slide Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines Into Massive Success  – by Jeff Olson

Me Before You: – by Jojo Moyes

Author: Casey

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